For admission to Mater Salvatoris, it is necessary to fill out the form and have a personal interview with the Director, a Skype interview will be schedule if the student resides outside Spain.

The candidates will be informed of the success of their application after the personal interview. In order to reserve a place the candidate should pay a deposit of 300€ which will be returned at the end of the student’s stay at the CMU.

School Fees for 2020-2021 Academic Year (fees include 10% tax):

The fees include single room; breakfast, lunch and dinner; cleaning of rooms once a week and bathrooms, 6 days per week; personal and academic advice; use of the facilities; Wifi connection according to the established regulations. It also, includes most of the extracurricular activities during the school year: gatherings at beginning of the school year and training activities. 

The rate for the full academic year consist of 10 monthly payments (September-June) according to the following table.

New-entry schoolgirls also pay a € 600 registration fee .

A: Monday – Sunday 825€
B: Monday – Friday 704€

Weekends can be supplemented in Option B by paying 64€/weekend


Download internal rules and regularions

The Colegio Mayor ¨Mater Salvatoris¨ is a university college associated with the University of Barcelona, which offers accommodation to female students and encourages educational and cultural development of its residents, offering cultural activities to the entire university community.

The diversity of interests, knowledge and geographic origin of the students creates an opportunity to complement classroom teaching through valuable interdisciplinary dialogue. The atmosphere of the college life leads to new customs and traditions that gradually compose the history of the Colegio Mayor ¨Mater Salvatoris¨, always following the path of Christian humanism. The college gives the students an opportunity to improve their religion education alongside with their cultural and scientific education. The college is an exceptional place where one can learn about the values of living together and values of liberty and mutual respect; all traits of a true university experience.

By choosing this college, the student accepts the regulations and principles of conduct outlined herein.

Study and college life: The students shall contribute to creating a study-friendly atmosphere at the college. They shall respect quiet hours of work and rest, avoiding loud conversations or any noise which may disturb others. Every student should be aware of the obligation to respect the study and resting time of others. From 11pm the residents are expected to keep quiet.

The students shall work together in order to maintain a family atmosphere which lays the foundation for life in college: friendship, sensitivity in the treatment of others, adherence to schedules, and the spirit of cooperation. Everyone is obliged to adopt a respectful attitude towards others and towards themselves, keep their tone, composure and language, conversation and attire in check. Appropriate clothing should be worn especially in the Chapel, canteen and common areas.

Hazing is strictly prohibited and will always be considered a serious misconduct.

College events: Cultural, educational or other college events are the concern of all those who form part of the college community. Assistance at all of the above-mentioned events is not mandatory, but an attitude of interest will be taken into account during the readmission process. If the College Director demands the assistance of a student at a particular event, the student is required to attend. During an event of general interest, it is not possible to use the common areas, such as the library, canteen, classrooms, etc.

Canteen: The dining timetables are announced at the beginning of each university term. Meals can be saved for those who arrive late due to class schedule if previous notification. It is possible to have packed lunches for those who need it, however this must be done in advance. C/ Emancipació, 33 – 08022 (+0034) 93 212 69 00

Schedule: College hours will be announced at the beginning of term. The students are required to follow them. The students must be in college before the specified time. Anyone arriving later must request permission from the Management. If anybody spends the night outside the college, whether to go home or to previously authorized families, such a person must fill and hand in a leave form at the reception.

Rooms: Rooms are for individual use, it is not permitted to enter the rooms of other students, nor to use their items. The students, upon occupying a room, commit themselves to treat the furniture with care and keep the room clean and tidy, preventing any possible harm. Any damage caused by carelessness and bad treatment of the room or any appliances available for use, will be covered at the student’s expense. No guests or third parties are allowed to be in the dormitory zones without the permission of the Management. The college will not be held responsible for lost objects; however such cases should be reported to the Management in order to take appropriate measures. The Management reserves the right to enter the dormitories whenever considered strictly necessary for reasons of discipline, order or maintenance of the rooms.

Common areas: Common rooms and areas are to be used only for designated purposes. Furthermore, none of the items, furniture, books or other appliances shall be removed from their original placement. Smoking, keeping or drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden in any part of the college. The Management must be informed, and if appropriate, authorize any meetings or celebrations which are to take place a designated area for that purpose which guarantees the right to an environment of retreat and study. It is not permitted to leave posters on any part of the house without previous authorization.

Admission and economic conditions: The annual fee of the college has been calculated taking into consideration the days off from university. For this reason, there are no discounts during holiday periods or any other shorter or longer absences of the students. When a student wishes to voluntarily leave the college permanently, she must send notice at least a month in advance. The deposit will not be returned after a voluntary drop by a student.

For readmission, the following are taken into account: respect and acceptance of the orientation criteria of the college; learning achievements; participation in activities, and a good spirit of cooperation and collaboration demonstrated during the year.

The interested student must also submit the following documentation:

  • If this is your fist year: photocopy of the PAU card (at the beginning of school year).
  • Academic record prior to entering the CMU.
  • University Paid Fees Receipt
  • Two passport-sized photographs.
  • Photocopy of the D.N.I., ID or passport of the candidate and one of the parents / guardian.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Photocopy of Health Insurance card.